We  make mobile apps that let you call, message or pay  using @names and #tags for groups.  Our phones are “smarter” smartphones  running an enhanced version of Android for low-cost communications and built-in features for social addressing, conferencing, and secure mobile payments.    It’s all FREE when you call or text anyone or group with an @name.



Call or message anyone using an @name or start a conference call simply by dialing @name#meeting. You can use phone numbers, send text messages and make international calls at very low rates

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Send your network credits to anyone with an @name or use your credit to pay for online services. You can convert your network credits into cash using any of our authorized international mobile payment agent.

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<strong>Powered by Keoyo</strong>

Powered by Keoyo

Enhanced Android smartphones with our technology with built-in features for using @names #tags, secure international remittances, 3-SIM cards, auto WiFi calling & texting.

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